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Best Fishing Spots in the Northeast: Top 10 Must-Visit Places for Anglers

In the Northeast of the United States, fishing is one of the most popular outdoor pursuits, and with good reason. This area offers a wide range of fishing sites for anglers of all skill levels, from the breathtaking Atlantic coastline to the scenic freshwater lakes and rivers. The Northeast has something to offer every angler, whether they are seasoned pros or brand-new to the sport.

The top ten fishing locations in the Northeast are listed below:

  1. Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts: This historic canal is a prime spot for saltwater fishing, offering a wide variety of species such as striped bass, bluefish, and flounder. The Cape Cod Canal is also known for its strong tidal currents, which provide ample opportunity for surfcasting.

  2. Lake George, New York: This stunning lake is located in the Adirondacks and offers great opportunities for bass fishing, as well as walleye, perch, and northern pike. With its clear waters and scenic surroundings, Lake George is a popular destination for both anglers and recreational boaters.

    Men fishing on a dock in Lake George, New York

  3. Lake Champlain, Vermont: This large freshwater lake is famous for its salmon and trout fishing. Lake Champlain is also home to a variety of other species, including bass, pike, and walleye. The lake's long shoreline and numerous islands make it a great destination for fishing by boat or from the shore.

  4. Delaware River, Pennsylvania/New Jersey: This iconic river is home to a wide variety of species, including catfish, smallmouth bass, and shad. The Delaware River is also popular for fly fishing, offering opportunities to catch both warm water and cold water species.

  5. Thousand Islands, New York: This region, located on the St. Lawrence River, is a popular destination for walleye and northern pike fishing. The Thousand Islands offer a unique fishing experience, with numerous islands and coves to explore.

  6. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland/Virginia: This iconic body of water is famous for its striped bass fishing, as well as bluefish, red drum, and flounder. The Chesapeake Bay is also a great destination for crabbing and oyster harvesting. This entry is also near and dear to Six Knots, as it is the inspiration for our company.

    Boats in the Chesapeake Bay marina

  7. Hudson River, New York: This historic river offers great opportunities for striped bass and shad fishing. The Hudson River is also a popular destination for kayak fishing, with its scenic views and abundant wildlife.

  8. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire: This large freshwater lake is a popular destination for bass, perch, and northern pike fishing. Lake Winnipesaukee is also known for its clear waters and scenic beauty, making it a popular destination for recreational boaters and anglers alike.

  9. Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts: This large reservoir is stocked with trout and is a great destination for fly fishing. The Quabbin Reservoir is surrounded by rolling hills and forested lands, providing a peaceful and scenic setting for fishing.

    Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts beach

  10. Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island: This saltwater bay is home to a wide variety of species, including striped bass, bluefish, and tautog. Narragansett Bay is also a popular destination for surfcasting and kayak fishing, offering anglers the chance to catch saltwater species in a unique and scenic setting.

In conclusion, fishermen of all skill levels can find plenty of fishing sites in the Northeast United States. The area offers many opportunities to catch a variety of species, from saltwater fishing along the Atlantic coast to freshwater fishing in the Adirondacks. The fantastic adventures this area has to offer begin much beyond these top ten spots for fishing.

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